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Hailey North creates stories that will warm your heart and put a smile on your face.

Get yelled at for being only two minutes late for work? Spill coffee on your new suit? Kids all have the measles? Need to escape to a bubble bath with a good book?

“Hailey North has just what the doctor ordered!” – Romantic Times
The Doolittle Stories

Not The Marrying Kind
(The Doolittle Stories – Book Three)

Sixteen years ago, world-famous artist Harriet P. Smith was the nerdiest girl at Doolittle High School, and Jake Porter was the new boy in town. Charismatic, handsome, and instantly popular, Jake was way out of her league. Harriet was shocked when he asked her to the graduation dance . . . and devastated when he left town for good the next morning.

Only his father’s remarriage could bring Jake, now a hot shot L.A. music exec, back to small-town Arkansas. His only consolation is the stunning woman with the mysterious green eyes he meets at a local bar. He’s got no idea he was a part of one of the best nights of her life—or that he’s about to fall for her as hard as she once did for him. Jake’s never been the marrying kind, but another night with Harriet might make him change his mind.

“4-1/2 plugs!”
“NOT THE MARRYING KIND…one of the most delightful, witty, well-written books I’ve read in a very long time. This author absolutely nailed the experience of cosmopolitan, urban professionals returning to the small town of their roots. The romance is pitched perfectly, the dialogue is sparkling, and the story builds to a very satisfying conclusion…I loved this book.
— Jeri Neal, The Romance Readers Connection
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“…a ‘must-read’ book.”
“A little bit of screwball comedy and an engaging love story make NOT THE MARRYING KIND a fresh and fun book from beginning to end. Author, Hailey North may have been absent for a time, but she is back in full force with this latest offering. Jake and Harriet are quite a pair; intelligent, independent, stubborn, prideful and made for each other. The secondary cast of characters is a lively mix, from Jake’s in-love father to their son, Zach, to many “old friends” from previous novels; Hailey North pens remarkably likable characters across the board. The quirky sense of humor she is famous for is certain to garner Ms North many accolades. NOT THE MARRYING KIND is a “must read” book.”
Scarlet, Romance Junkies Reviews

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Love: Undercover
(The Doolittle Stories – Book Two)

One night of passion…
Just because small-town librarian and single mom Jenifer Wright does not need a man doesn’t mean she doesn’t want one. She’d love to meet the right guy who’d be willing to explore the naughty and the unknown with her—sensible, capable, practical Jenifer Janey Wright—and not insist on putting a ring on her finger. One look at sexy, mysterious Eric Hamilton and she can read right off the bat that he’s the love ’em and leave ’em type, the perfect partner for exploring her sensual fantasies from A to Z!

Or a lifetime of love…
Undercover agent Eric Hamilton is in Doolittle, Arkansas, only long enough to break up a funny-money ring. He’s certain this sexy librarian is involved in some way. It’s hard to stay all-business when it’s his job to get as close as it takes to his suspects, especially when Jenifer makes him an offer no hot-blooded man could resist. Can Eric only play at love or has this surprisingly tender and vulnerable woman captured not only his imagination—but also his heart?
4 Stars!
(4 Stars!)

“Hold onto your hats, ladies! LOVE: UNDERCOVER is a charming, witty romance that readers will devour in one sitting. From its quaint little town to the lively inhabitants, this story is truly a work of art…Author Hailey North writes a romantic tale with laughter, a hint of danger, and blossoming romance in LOVE: UNDERCOVER. It’s a gem of a book worthy of the keeper shelf. Go out and buy your copy today.”
— Sinclair Reid, Romance Reviews Today

“Warm charm and gentle humor make this book a winner…just the book to give your spirits a lift.”
Romantic Times

“North’s (Opposites Attract, etc.) playful voice and evocation of small-town relationships make this an appealing read.”
— Publishers’ Weekly

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Tangled Up in Love
(The Doolittle Stories – Book One)

Being left at the altar once was enough for high-powered, workaholic exec, Stacey St. Cyr. Stacey’s supposed to be on vacation at a posh spa. Instead, she’s stuck in Doolittle, Arkansas — population next to nothing — watching sexy, small town pet doctor Michael Halliday work his magic on her colicky collie. And all Stacey can think of is how nice it would be to have his gentle, talented hands on her.

Michael Halliday knows it’s crazy! He’s rural, she’s Big-City; she’s all-business, he’s laid back. And if his two young daughters don’t warm up to the sexy go-getter, there’ll be BIG trouble for this single Dad. Still, if he can get Stacey to relax and learn to live a little, perhaps he can follow where his heart is leading him — and enjoy this tangled, messy, sweet thing called love.
4 Stars!
(4 Stars!)
“The warmth and charm of Hailey North’s stories can always bring a smile to your face. TANGLED UP IN LOVE proves that while sometimes messy, love is always worth the cost.”
— Romantic Times

“Wit and charm enliven this sexy romp by North (Dear Love Doctor). Humor is an ever-present force throughout, which keeps the story’s mood light and its pacing upbeat…..this sweet, sprightly romance is a soothing salve for the lovelorn.”
— Publishers’ Weekly

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Love, New Orleans Style

Opposites Attract
(Love, New Orleans Style – Book Five)

Jonni Landry DeVries was nuts to have let her twin sister, “The Love Doctor” talk her into opening her stately New Orleans home to a Hollywood film crew. Struggling to recover from a marriage that ended in tragedy and protective of her impressionable young daughter, Jonni is sure the last thing she needs crossing her threshold is Cameron Scott, the notorious Hollywood womanizer! If only all men were like the refined actor who plays “Mr. Benjamin.” But the infamous Mr. Scott is another story, and she’s more determined than ever to resist the bad boy’s sex appeal. Ah, but Cameron is a better actor than Jonni imagines…

Cameron Scott is amazed that Jonni, the lovely hostess he’s been spending every free moment with, doesn’t see through his clever costume. Even worse, she’s come to like Mr. Benjamin, but has made it clear she wants nothing to do with the disreputable Cameron Scott. Will she forgive him when he’s unmasked—and give him a chance to prove he’s not the cad the tabloids make him out to be? Or will she toss him out before the final reel runs?
4 Stars!
(4 Stars!)

“In OPPOSITES ATTRACT, Ms. North revisits New Orleans and twin sisters Daffodil and Jonquil. Jonni and Cameron’s story is a sexy romp that’s both praline sweet and cayenne hot. A very fun read.”
— Lori Martin, Old Book Barn Gazette

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Dear Love Doctor
(Love, New Orleans Style – Book Four)
(Revised and updated – January 2015. In e-book for first time!)

“… so give up on him and get on with your life. He will only break your heart. My conclusion as to his ability to commit is … Diagnosis Terminal!”
Daffodil “Daffy” Landry stared at her words of advice to the lovelorn and pressed her hand against her breast. Was she writing about this unknown Casanova … or about herself?

Diagnosis Terminal! Charming, sexy, and self-made Hunter James isn’t one to back away from a challenge. Slapping his copy of the New Orleans Crescent against his thigh, he approached the newspaper’s outer office. How dare that anonymous, autocratic, and insufferable Love Doctor label him as incapable of commitment? Did she ever consider that he simply hasn’t met the right woman? He’ll uncover the author’s identity and give you a piece of his mind. But first, appreciating an opportunity when it presents itself, he’s got to meet the beckoning blonde behind the reception desk.

Who knows? Maybe the Love Doctor has led him to the woman of his dreams after all …
4 Stars!
(4 Stars!)
“Author Hailey North has penned a quirky and fun tale of romance and attraction. Watch the sparks fly as these two lovers come to grips with each other and their emotions.”
— Jill M. Smith, Romantic Times

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Perfect Match
(Love, New Orleans Style – Book Three)
(Revised and updated – January 2015. In e-book for first time!)

Ravishing Lauren Stevens has sworn off love, yet now there are two very tempting siblings vying for her attention. Lauren things she should encourage successful businessman Oscar, but it’s his brother, Alistair, who has the oh-so-sensual magic touch.

Charismatic and wise, Alistair knows it’s time for him to settle down, but the enchanting and enigmatic Lauren spells nothing but trouble. Still, love is thick in the New Orleans air, and they are both about to learn that sometimes the perfect match is the one you least expect.
4 Stars!
(4 Stars!)

“Talented author Hailey North makes a much welcomed return, giving readers another charming, lighthearted and genuinely fun read.” –RT Book Reviews

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Pillow Talk
(Love, New Orleans Style – Book Two)

Margaret “Call me Meg” McKenzie Cooper will do anything to make her children’s dreams for a daddy come true—even if it means accepting a stranger’s outrageous marriage proposal. Only she hadn’t counted on the man’s brother being the dangerously sexy Parker Ponthier—or that making her children’s dreams come true would mean risking her heart.
Any woman between eighteen and eighty would kill to flaunt Parker’s heirloom diamond engagement ring. The New Orleans millionaire doesn’t want someone who’s after his bank account—he’s looking for a lifetime of love. Meg is warm, passionate, and sets his soul on fire. But while his instincts warn him that she’s nothing but trouble with a capital “T,” Parker decides that for once in his life he’s going to follow his heart.
4 Stars!
(4 Stars!)

“Readers who remember those cream-puff Doris Day-Rock Hudson romantic comedies…will delight in North’s latest confection…This witty, upbeat tale makes for an enjoyable read and should generate new fans for North.” – Publishers’ Weekly

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Bedroom Eyes
(Love, New Orleans Style – Book One)
(Revised and updated – January 2015. In e-book for first time!)

Overworked tax attorney Penelope Sue Fields never had time for romance—so she invented a phantom lover named Raoul to fill the gaping hole in her love life. But all it takes is one chance encounter with hunky undercover copy Tony Olano in a New Orleans elevator, and Penelope is ready to give her fantasy man the boot in favor of the flesh and blood, rippling muscled real thing. Now if only he would notice her.

Badboy-turned-cop Tony Olano can’t help but notice the dreamy-eyed lawyer—she’s not only desirable, she’s a suspect in his ongoing criminal investigation! And that’s where grandmotherly Mrs. Maebelle Merlin comes in. A well-meaning meddler, Mrs. Merlin’s prepared to use mystical arts to unite the “all-work-no-play” lady lawyer and the sexy, sensitive lawman. Trouble is her spell goes seriously awry, leaving Tony and Penelope to forge their own tumultuous path to good old-fashioned passion.

Note from Hailey: Bedroom Eyes is the only one of my Love, New Orleans Style stories that incorporates paranormal elements. Mrs. Merlin, inspired by my 91-year-old-neighbor and adopted grandmother, can’t stop herself from dabbling in candle magick. She means only to do good, but somehow, her spells end up all topsy-turvy!

4 Stars!
(4 Stars! A Top Pick!)

“Need a good book to liven up those long summer days? Then Hailey North has just what the doctor ordered. Check out BEDROOM EYES, with its skilled blend of humor, sizzling romance and magical fun.”
–RT Book Reviews

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